Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lunch AND Learn

We have a great program in our technology department that I am quite proud of, called "Lunch AND Learn". We regularly have a team member give a subject-matter expert presentation on a technology topic to the rest of the team. Lunch is provided (pizza), and the goal is to provide a learning opportunity outside of one's normal job skills. The program is the brain-child of Gautam Guliani, our head architect.

We cover a wide variety of topics (the most recent was Word & Outlook Tips & Tricks, the next is Ruby on Rails). I once gave on overview on company executives and the products/departments they are responsible for. We also had one presentation on how to give a presentation, so team members would have the skills needed to present at a future Lunch AND Learn. We quite often have non-tech department staff join us.

The program was previously called "Brown Bags" where attendees brought their own lunch, but we upgraded the program since it was so successful. I can just see the proposal for next year, "Back massage AND learn" :-). Jokes aside, this is a program that will continue to have my full support.

(Update: Gautam shares tips on how to give a good Lunch AND Learn presentation)

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