Wednesday, May 16, 2007

LinkedIn etiquette

LinkedIn reached critical mass about 6 months ago, and started to become a useful tool for me (I have 250+ contacts, resulting in a 1MM people network). Someone suggested the links in Google when you search a person was the difference maker. So far I've advertised jobs on my team, hired a programmer, tracked career changes and reconnected with colleagues I've not seen for 15 years. This is enough for me to deem it worth the effort to maintain. I also like that LinkedIn has made frequent changes, each making it easier to track changes in my network.

Just as many young people's online persona is their facebook or myspace page, my online persona is - (you'll also find a link to my Myspace and Flickr pages there!)

I have a few simple rules for myself using LinkedIn:-
1) Only connect with people I've met in person face-to-face
2) No vendors unless relationship is stronger than just vendor (same for recruiters)
3) No recommendations for people I currently work with

You'll notice not everyone follows this etiquette (nor is it official policy on linkedin), but it's easy enough not to respond to random invitations. If I know the person, I will give them my reason for not connecting.

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Carol said...

And I got to your blog via LinkedIn! I found you there because I just applied for Kaplan's position of Director of SAT Tutoring in Seattle. Coincidentally, my 17-year-old twins JUST this morning received their SATs scores! Makes me ponder that whole "ripple in the cosmos" theory. OK, not really -- but I DO think it's kinda cool that within moments of them checking their scores (online, of course), I sit down at my computer and staring me in the face is an in-box wooing for the Director position with Kaplan!

Great blog -- much useful information! I'll definitely RSS this one.