Monday, May 14, 2007

Blogging via email - so far...

As I mentioned in my first ever post, the reason I've started blogging is that I can do it via email from my blackberry during my evening train commute home. This allows me to blog during work "down-time" and between evening emails.

So far, it's working well, with a few caveats:-
1) No spellcheck
2) No pasting URL links
3) Writing a page-full
4) BUG: Font occasionally switches to smaller font size

I will need to retest spellcheck for Blackberry, something I did 12 months ago but abandoned as unneccessary given my typically short emails. I have to type URL links out in full, leaving potential for error. And gauging what amounts to a page-full read is tricky, since Blackberry is different page size.

But besides these caveats, the process is working well. And a great way to close a work day.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Why not compose a working draft via Blackberry, and then spend 5 minutes touching up/proofreading at home? I've also tried spell check via bb and it's not worth the pain.