Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Why Do I Blog?

I've gotten this question a lot, "Why do I blog?". The simple answer is, "To share my technology management experience with others", but let me expand on that.

In my own career, I found learning new technologies both challenging and rewarding, and I thrived on them. But when it came to management challenges, it was a miserable. I failed consistently, and I believe that I failed because (1) I had no management training, and (2) I had no management mentors (I did have great technology mentors).

What makes a great technologist is very different from what makes a great manager. But over time, through trial and error, I overcame my shortcoming, found some kind mentors, and finally had some break-throughs in management, along with the more infrequent setbacks. One of my break-throughs was soliciting input from my network (and listening) about their management advice and experience.

My goal now is to be able to assist great technologists become great managers, with (hopefully) significantly less pain than I went through. It's not hard (like writing a new operating system or learning a new programming language is hard), but it does require a different approach, a different point of view.

This blog is targeted to technology managers or "would be" managers. I manage every day, and I hope my little insights help you achieve your management goals.

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