Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tivo for conferences

Tivo has changed the way I watch television, and there are times I wish I had this efficiency tool elsewhere.

My last two posts were (1) vendors (2) conferences, this one is about vendors at conferences. I think promotional videos at conferences are a turn-off, and there I am sitting there with no Tivo. This happened twice recently, and one was not a tech vendor but a large music company which showed a 15 minute promo of their artists. Fifteen minutes of self-glorification. Apple, eat their hearts out.

I've seen many great presentations from vendors at conferences. This happens when they stay away from marketing and discuss trends/roadmaps, or explore new concepts and opportunities. I want to hear how vendors are exploring and making future markets, not about what products they have today (I can get that by visiting their booth, website, or sales rep for that).

Without vendors, there wouldn't be (many) conferences, but vendors need to understand they are on show, and are being judged by the respect they show the audience. Present to our brains, not our budgets.

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glemak said...

good points all jon, when i first joined the tivo cult i found myself wanting to pause and rewind my meatspace life - strange concept when your brain tells you to do something that your logic knows isn't viable...

take a look at for a pretty neat conference focused online offering...