Monday, August 6, 2007

Plans & People

(I'm back. My train rides have been preoccupied with Harry Potter, book 7, and I am a slow reader. With that done - no spoilers here - I can get back to blogging).

When I think about what I do as a CTO, what is most importance to me is plans and people. What! Not technology, you say? How can that be? Well, technology is a fundamental skill that any CTO needs, but the members of a CTO's team are masters of technology. CTOs do not need to be the expert technologist in the room. CTOs need to be leaders.

When I was at University, I had no concept of this. As a programmer, I still had no concept of this. As a project manager, plans suddenly seemed important. For me, the CTO realization, that its not the technology, was a slow one, but something I eventually figured out.

When prioritizing my time as a CTO, planning and people are where I put the majority of my time. Without these, there is no technology at an organization. And planning is as much an art as a science. Imagine if as a programmer you were told 3/4s of you code would be thrown away? That's what happens with planning. Yet, it crucial. Simple, but true.

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