Friday, July 13, 2007

Celebrating wins

With your teams working hard and driving hard to meet deadlines, its important to celebrate wins when they occur. The best kind to celebrate are the ones that have significant impact and visibility for your end users.

Email is a standard way to do this during the ordinary course of business. Collect positive comments from your beta users and managers, and send out an announcement email to business execs explaining the business benefits and comments from their own staff (anonymous is fine). The more enthusiastic the comment, the better (my current favorite "Dancing in the streets").

It's also important to stress that the project was a partnership between technology and a business group, which allows the business to deservedly share in the celebration.

Make sure not to over-use it (weekly is definitely too often), otherwise it will lose its impact. You'll find that your teams will appreciate this public acknowledgement as they dive into their next project.

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Carol said...

So glad you mentioned this, Jon.

I think many managers get caught up in the day-to-day and forget to celebrate with their teams.

I also think that too often there's the same "I don't want to spoil them" mentality that some parents tend to have. Go ahead -- SPOIL your team every once in a while! It will come back to you and the company in productivity. I can just about promise that!